So many celebrations and gatherings of family, friends and colleagues this time of year

So many celebrations and gatherings of family, friends and colleagues this time of year! Whether you are bustling about shopping and making preparations for holiday festivities, putting together outfits for the office party, planning a big night out with your friends, or a dreaming of a tropical vacation, here are a few things to think about:

Wouldn’t it be fabulous to have a dressy pair of glasses that are a step above your every day pair? After all, you might spend hundreds of dollars on formal wear and fancy shoes for a special occasion, but what are people looking at the most? Your smiling face, of course! Maybe you’re a man who has a very functional pair of specs for the jobsite but enjoys cutting a fine figure when you go out at night. A bit of color or shine on a secondary pair might be a nice option that will elevate your look from mundane to extraordinary. Or maybe you’re a woman who would never wear bling at your very serious office but, truth be told, you like a bit of sparkle and perhaps have even been known to cruise the Swarovski store from time to time. Well, we have a frame for that! Both of these ideas also tick the box of having a back-up pair of glasses with an updated prescription, should a tragedy befall your primary pair, so it is entirely practical, too. Really!

Speaking of practical, it is also the time of year when some people are in a “use it or lose it” position with their extended medical benefits. It makes sense to take a few moments to check your coverage and see if you have some dollars left to spend on vision care. Even if your primary pair is working well but you have some money left on the plan, you could consider that back-up pair, as suggested above, or even a secondary pair that would be a nice complement to the first–a dedicated reading pair, if you’re an avid reader, a specialized pair for driving on those dark, rainy roads, or a computer pair to protect and relax your eyes when you’re burning the midnight oil on the long, winter nights. If you happen to be scouring the web looking for a deal to somewhere–anywhere!–sunny and warm, you might also be in the market for some prescription sunglasses. I can’t count how many people have told me over the years that taking the plunge on getting quality sunwear was the best investment they ever made for their eyes.

Even if you don’t wear a prescription, or wear contact lenses the majority of your waking hours, having comfortable sunglasses that protect your precious eyes and that you enjoy wearing is more necessity than luxury. This time of year, the glare is often worse than ever because the sun is low on the horizon in our part of the world. Or on the flipside, if you get away from the rain to a sunny locale (lucky you!) the UV index in the tropics can be extremely high and the blazing sun reflects off the water and sand, intensifying the glare and giving you eyestrain at best and a sunburned cornea and long-term damage at worst. I had a gentleman in the office just this morning who was concerned about his son’s lack of good sunglasses and, being one of those folks converted to the benefits of high-quality polarized lenses, brought his son in to see us so we could get him fitted up with some nice RayBans as an early Christmas present. What a thoughtful and appreciated gift!

So if you are scrambling for a gift idea or feel like you need a treat for your own eyes, if your benefits are about to expire or if your glasses are just looking a little tired and it is time for an update, take a moment at this busy time of year to give your eyes some love. Even if your glasses just need a year-end tune up to get you seeing the best you can on these darker days, come in and see us. We’d love to see you and wish you the best of the season!