Glasses for Work

A introductory discussion regarding task specific glasses / occupational glasses

With a proliferation of technology devices evolving into the workplace, the topic of task specific / occupational glasses is more relevant today than ever. In this podcast, Dr. Stephen Taylor of…

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lasik refractive

Refractive Surgery

  Listen to Dr. Taylor as he explains why regular eye exams are important, even after refractive surgery.    …

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Fine Tune Your Vision!

All Kaenon lenses offer superior clarity, accurate depth perception, and contrast for reading greens. Bright conditions will call for G12 or B12, or if you prefer stronger contrast and color…

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Tuxes & Tails Gala

Tuxes & Tails is a special evening in which animal lovers come together to celebrate, find wonderful auction items, enjoy a pet runway show and delicious gourmet dinner -- all in support our…

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Request Your Next Appointment Online

You can now request your next appointment online! Visit the Appointment Request Form section of our site at anytime and complete the form. We'll receive the form via email and call you back to…

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a-b-See™ Campaign

One in five children has a vision disorder. Not knowing any differently, many of these children accept poor vision and other eye problems as normal. If left unchecked, serious long-term effects can…

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Toys to Avoid to Keep Your Child’s Eyes Safe

What child doesn't like toys? And what parent or grandparent doesn't enjoy buying a fun gift for their young loved ones? But some toys that look really fun can pose a serious risk of eye injuries —…

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