Covid 19 Policies and Protocols

Scheduling an appointment – What you need to know.

 There are significant changes we are making to our procedures and we thank you in advance for your patience and support.

COVID-19 Screening Call

One to two days before your appointment we will need to speak with you personally to ask COVID-19 screening questions. In addition, if you have coverage you will be asked for your 3rd party insurance information.

If you are new to our office your personal health number is required.

Contactless Reception Area

When we call we will also be asking for a credit card number to eliminate any contact at our front desk when you arrive.

Payments & Prescriptions by Email

To minimize risk and protect everyone, all receipts and prescriptions will be emailed within 24 hours of your visit.

Collection of Data

Insurance numbers will be kept on file. Credit card information is shredded once your payment has been processed.

Missed Confirmation Call

If you arrive for your appointment and you have not spoken to us in advance, we will ask you to call us from your car as we need to complete the COVID-19 screening questions and obtain your billing information.

Rescheduling Appointments

Our employees and  doctors will remain home if  they are  sick – to  that end your appointment could be rescheduled if our team’s staffing levels are affected. We also ask  that  you  reschedule your  appointment if  you are feeling unwell. There is no cancellation fees during COVID-19. Please call to let us know you are not keeping your appointment.

What to Bring to your Appointment

For your appointment we ask that you wear a mask – if you do not have one, we will supply one when you arrive. Our doctors and dispensers will be wearing masks. Our work requires us to be closer than six feet.

Please Arrive Alone

We ask if possible that you attend your appointment alone as we are required to limit the number of people in our office at any one time. Parents and caregivers are permitted. Please advise us in advance if you will not be arriving alone, so we are prepared.

Dr. Stephen Taylor, Optometric Corporation* COVID-19 Safety Plan

Employees are paid to stay home if they are sick and doctors will reschedule appointments if they or their patient are feeling unwell. Employees follow a strict safety plan that is available for viewing on our website:

All those with scheduled appointments are pre-screened with COVID19 screening questions and appointments are rescheduled if necessary. No person should be entering the premises without an appointment thereby securing their data within our secured software system.

Working with patients/clients – doctors & employees will ensure both parties (employee & client) are masked covering nose and mouth. Employees are not expected to work with any patient or client who refuses to wear a mask and the patient/client can be referred to the CEO or doctor on site for discussion.

Personal Protective Equipment is available to all employees, these items include masks, gloves, face shields, scrubs and if desired professional safety glasses with shields. Employees must have mouth and nose covered at all times when working with patients and clients where physical distancing is not possible.

Employees are to use hand sanitizer IN FRONT of all patients/clients – if hands are washed or sanitized outside client line of sight, the employee must verbally advise the patient their hands have been sanitized.

Two doors on site are managed carefully to control numbers of people in the office and how people move through the office. Air conditioning system has a UV filter upgrade.

Doctors rooms are being set up with air systems to assist with circulation, air flow and filtration.

Any and all areas that a patient contacts undergoes sanitization before next patient is seen based on information

All frames handled both by staff and patients are sanitized before being returned to display. Bathroom and waiting room are wiped down throughout the day.

Patients are asked to attend appointment on their own whenever possible.

Dispensary tables, front desk counter and other touch points are wiped down frequently.

Door handles and entry/exit touch points are monitored closely and wiped with sanitizing solution throughout the day.

The number of people in the office will be closely monitored at all times and adhere to social distancing measures as much as possible. Patients and clients may be asked to wait in their vehicles or outside until someone exits the building to keep numbers within reason.

Wherever and whenever possible, visitors to Mayfair Optometric Clinic will be given clear direction and instruction. For example we will not say “take a seat over there”, but rather “please sit in THIS chair” all movements within our office will be monitored by an employee .

Any paper correspondence between MOC and patients will be offered electronically. Receipts, prescriptions and contact details (business cards) will be sent to clients by email if requested or preferred.

Refusal of Service – any employee may refuse to serve a customer if the employee is feeling bullied, harassed or unsafe. Social Distancing – employees are empowered to limit interactions or request patients give more physical distance.

Responsibility – every person within the building whether employee, owner or associate doctor is responsible for safe practices and sanitization of work areas, tools and surfaces. If there is any question whether an area has been sanitized, it will be redone.

Any person, employee, or client may request sanitizing be redone in their presence.

Reporting – individuals may report comments, concerns or ideas for safe practices to the CEO –


*is the registered company name for Mayfair Optometric Clinic which is a registered trade name.