Dr. Stephen Taylor, Optometric Corporation* COVID-19 Safety Plan

Posted April 8, 2022

Employees are paid to stay home if they are sick and doctors will reschedule appointments if they or their patient are feeling unwell.   

Employees follow a strict safety plan that is available for viewing www.mayfairoptometric.com

Working with patients/clients – doctors & employees will ensure both parties (employee & client) are masked covering nose and mouth.  Employees are not expected to work with any patient or client who refuses to wear a mask and the patient/client can be referred to the CEO or doctor on site for discussion.

Personal Protective Equipment is available to all employees, these items include masks, gloves, face shields, scrubs and if desired professional safety glasses with shields.  Employees must have mouth and nose covered at all times when working with patients and clients where physical distancing is not possible.

Front door of the office (Douglas Street) will remain locked during business hours for comfort and safety of employees and customers.

Air conditioning system as UV filter upgraded April 2020.

Doctors’ rooms have independent air filtration systems to assist with air flow and sanitized circulation.

All areas are regularly sanitized based on https://www.canada.ca/en/public-health/services/publications/diseases-conditions/cleaning-disinfecting-public-spaces.html

All frames handled both by staff and patients are sanitized before being returned to display.

Public bathroom is wiped down daily.

Receipts, prescriptions and contact details (business cards) may be sent to clients by email at patient request

Refusal of Service – any employee may refuse to serve a customer if the employee is feeling bullied, harassed or unsafe.  

Social Distancing – employees are empowered to limit interactions or request patients give more physical distance. 

Responsibility – every person within the building whether employee, owner or associate doctor is responsible for safe practices and sanitization of work areas, tools and surfaces.  

Any person, employee, or client may request sanitizing be redone in their presence.

Reporting – individuals may report comments, concerns or ideas for safe practices to the CEO ceo@mayfairoptometric.com 





*is the registered company name for Mayfair Optometric Clinic which is a registered trade name.