2021 Times Colonist Readers' Choice Awards

Vote For Us!!! 2021 Times Colonist Readers' Choice Awards

2021 Times Colonist Readers' Choice Awards

At Mayfair Optometric Clinic, we believe everyone deserves to live their lives with Happy Eyes. We will not stop until you are entirely satisfied with the lenses, the frames, the fit, the comfort, the improved vision, the service and the follow up. Mayfair Optometric Clinic will not stop until your eyes are happy!

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Eye Exams After Laser Surgery

By Dr. Stephen Taylor

Question: I had laser surgery a few months ago. Do I still need to get my eyes checked regularly?

Answer: Yes! This is a very common question after having laser vision correction.

Refractive surgery is very effective at minimizing your dependence upon glasses however there are many good reasons to still get your eyes checked regularly.

Think of your eye as a camera. Laser vision correction helps with the focus, but to get a good picture you still need to ensure all of the parts are working. The challenge is that there are a number of eye health conditions that have nothing to do with glasses that if left undiagnosed can result in permanent vision loss. That’s where a comprehensive eye examination comes in -it makes sure all of the parts are working and healthy. This includes checking the complete ocular health for conditions such as glaucoma, cataracts and macular degeneration. Additionally, there are many conditions of the body

(like diabetes) that show in the eyes themselves, and a routine examination can screen for them as well.

Patients often assume that they will no longer need glasses after laser surgery, which is not always the case. Glasses may still be needed for specific tasks, such as reading, computer use, or night driving. Post-operative visits are a perfect time to discuss any specific visual demands you have, as well as any further questions you have.

At Mayfair Optometric Clinic we provide a welcoming environment for patients to receive eye exams and pick out the perfect eyewear that works for each individual. Please give us a call to book your appointment with Dr. Peddle, Dr. Genereux, or myself.

Live Life with Happy Eyes

By: Dr. Stephen Taylor, Optometrist

Question: My child wants to get colored contact lenses to go with their Halloween costume this year. Are these safe for their eyes?

Answer: Cosmetic contact lenses can be a very exciting way to change a look or complete a costume.  However, there are many reasons that a contact lens is considered a medical device.  A contact lens that is not fitted or used correctly puts the eye at risk for many potentially serious complications.  There are many ways to minimize this risk, including using a material that is safe for the eye, having a contact lens that fits properly, as well as proper use and handling of the contact.  A contact made of a quality material will readily allow the front of the eye to breathe.  Next, a contact must be fit properly to ensure that it isn’t too tight or loose on the eye.  Finally, proper handling is required to minimize the risk of trauma or eye infections.  The safest option if you wish to wear decorative contact lenses for Halloween is speaking with your Optometrist.  A visit to the Optometrist can help pick out a healthy lens (including coloured options), and ensure the best fit on your eye.  Remember to book an appointment early as sometimes it can take multiple attempts for a child to be able to comfortably insert and remove a contact if they’ve never worn one before.

Who's Ready for New Frames???

Summer is here so why not get a new pair glasses?  Check out these stylish from fro Ray Bar and more.

Vitalux® Advanced Chewable

When it comes to eye health, we never speculate. Vitalux® Advanced Chewable is scientifically formulated according to the latest AMD research, the AREDS2 study, to help delay progression of AMD and maintain healthy vision.

Vitalux® Advanced Chewable is a tasty berry flavoured tablet that contains:

  • Vitamin C and E, Zinc and Copper
  • 10 mg of Lutein and 2 mg of Zeaxanthin
  • No Beta-Carotene


When it comes to eye health, we never speculate. Vitalux® Advanced is scientifically formulated to help delay progression of AMD and maintain healthy vision.

Vitalux® Advanced contains:

  • Vitamin C and E, Zinc and Copper
  • 10 mg of Lutein and 2 mg of Zeaxanthin
  • With no Beta-Carotene


When it comes to hydrating the surface of your eyes, Systane® Ultra Hydration Lubricant Eye Drops have you covered.

The formula entraps water to rehydrate the eye surface for long-lasting dry eye hydration, so you can get on with your day without skipping a beat.

Refresh Optive Fusion Lubricant

Two comfort agents for fast and long-lasting relief of burning and irritation due to dryness

Dual Action Formula!


Color Pop, Bright, Vibrant, Feminine Fuchsia
Medium size Rip Stop Eyewear Pouch
Easy care and light weight.
Fits 1 to 4 frames


The FogBlocker Wet Wipes work on all lenses including those that have coatings. It comes in a package of 20 and is a single-use anti-fog wipe and lens cleaner. It's easy to use, fast-drying and one coat lasts up to 24+ hrs. The wipe also cleans dirt, grease and does not smear.